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Membership Types

Licensed individuals who are engaged actively in the real estate profession either as selling agents or appraisers and who maintain or are associated with an established real estate office in the State of Michigan. REALTOR® or Appraiser Members must join under a broker.

Designated REALTOR® Member

The Designated REALTOR® must hold a Broker’s, Associate Broker’s, State Licensed Appraiser’s, Certified Residential Appraiser’s, Certified General Appraiser’s, or Limited Appraiser’s license and must be a Sole Proprietor, Partner, Corporate Officer, Branch Office Manager, or an individual in a position of management control acting on behalf of the firm's Principal. The DR is responsible for firm membership as well as all agents working under their company.

The following items are required of Designated REALTOR® applicants:
  1. Personal letters of reference must be attached (REALTOR® Member of the Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS® if possible).
  2. Application must be accompanied by appropriate current Michigan appraisal/real estate license(s) per the GLAR Bylaws, Article IV – Membership, Section 1 (A) (5).
  3. If doing business under assumed name, include your DBA Certificate.
  4. If officer in a corporation, submit certificate of corporate good standing and proof of officer status.
  5. Copy of Federal Tax ID Number (Department of Treasury-IRS), if available
  6. Copy of Branch Office license, if applicable
  7. Include a photo (if possible) of yourself or a copy of your driver’s license.
  8. Appropriate Application Fee and Authorization Agreement for monthly payment of future Fees and Dues
Items that need to be filled out and submitted with application:
  1. Application for MLS, if applicable.
  2. Designated REALTOR® form
  3. Written credit authorization form
  4. Member Orientation enrollment form (if a new Member)
  5. REALTOR® Fair Housing Declaration
  6. Responsibility Form
  7. The completed open-book Designated REALTOR® Application Questionnaire.  (The answers to the open-book Designated REALTOR® Application Questionnaire can be found in all the materials contained in the Designated REALTOR® Packet.)

Affiliate Member

Affiliate Members are individuals who, while not engaged in the real estate profession have interests requiring information concerning real estate, usually for business needs. This membership type includes mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions, home inspectors, title companies, insurance agents, home design professionals, etc. 

MLS Only Participant

MLS Only Participants (MPO) are active REALTOR® Members of another Association or Board. They are not members of The Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS® but rather just have access to our MLS system. Since MPOs are not GLAR members they do not receive any of the member benefits. They do not pay local dues but instead pay an increased MLS fee.