Endorsed Candidates

Andy Schor 
for Lansing Mayor                  

Andy Schor is a proven supporter of the REALTOR® Party. He is a strong advocate for tackling the legislative and economic issues affecting the region. He has proposed legislation dealing with blighted properties, charitable gaming, education, elections, energy crisis assistance, gun control, student debt, and talent attraction and retention. He was able to pass two bills and several resolutions and was also the lead Democrat on the legislation to provide healthcare to 400,000 Michigan residents through the new Healthy Michigan Program’s Medicaid Expansion.

Peter Spadafore
Lansing City Council              

Peter Spadafore was elected to the Lansing School District Board of Education in November of 2011. Spadafore is a graduate of James Madison College at Michigan State University where he studied social relations and policy with an emphasis on education policy and homeland security. He was also a fellow in the prestigious Michigan Political Leadership Program. Currently, Spadafore serves as the associate executive director for government relations for the Michigan Association of School Administrators.